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A healthy addition on the Christmas table

Dec 22, 2013 No Comments by

It’s Christmas within a couple of days and even though Christmas food is truly delicious, it can also be a stressful time, as many people worry about weight gain during the holidays. This is easy to understand as many dishes are rich in fat and calories, but there are healthier alternatives to choose from, and […]

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Citrus Smoothie – Your way to a healthier life

Nov 16, 2013 No Comments by

Do you have a blender at home? That’s great! Then you can make the most delicious and healthy smoothie in just a few minutes. The ingredients? Well, it’s up to you, but if you want a true health boost you should consider making a citrus smoothie. Citrus Smoothie Light vanilla yogurt Orange juice (fresh squeezed […]

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Get healthy with pineapples

Oct 18, 2013 No Comments by

There are no doubts that pineapples are tasty, refreshing and delicious, right? But did you know they can actually be a great boost for your health as well? Yeah, it’s true! Pineapples have plenty of health benefits, and I will tell you about a few of them, just to make it more obvious why you […]

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Delicious 5:2 recipes to try

Aug 24, 2013 No Comments

Since I wrote about the 5:2 intermittent fast diet the other day I thought it would be useful for you to have a few recipes to start with, in case you want to start off right away with one of the fast days. As I mentioned in my previous post you don’t have to fast […]

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Improve your health with spinach smoothies

Aug 13, 2013 No Comments

We’d all love to stay healthy and strong, right? In order to achieve optimal health we need to pay attention to our food habits, and it’s important that we include healthy foods in our diet. It’s a well known fact that spinach is among the healthiest things you can eat, and it holds plenty of […]

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How to make your own ice cream – video tutorial

Jul 25, 2013 No Comments

The summer months are amazing, and words can not explain how much I enjoy this time of the year. It’s also the time of year when I buy most ice cream, and I guess I’m not the only one… It’s not so much for my own sake, but the kids wants ice cream when it’s […]

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Grilled chicken in a healthy way

Jul 02, 2013 No Comments

Do you enjoy bbq’s during summer? Warm summer nights when you can enjoy some grilled food along with your dear ones? You’re not alone! I love eating grilled food on the terrace, with company from good friends or my closest family. I especially like grilled chicken breasts, and since I really like it, I thought […]

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Delicious bread with oat and honey

May 08, 2013 No Comments

To eat healthy gets more and more important, as diseases caused by an unhealthy lifestyle gets more and more common. It can be good to try to follow a low cholesterol diet, as well as low fat and low sugar. It’s also good to choose food which is healthy for your cardiovascular health, as cardiovascular […]

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My favourite salad recipe

Mar 21, 2013 No Comments

To live a healthy life is important whether you’re young or old. There are various things to take into consideration in order to get a healthier lifestyle, but one of the most important is to maintain a healthy diet. It can be difficult to know what diet you should choose, among all available alternatives, but […]

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Zucchini – a family favourite

Mar 17, 2013 No Comments

More and more people come to realize how important it is to live a healthy life, with a healthy lifestyle. This includes young people in their 20’s, old people over 70, and plenty of people somewhere in between, some of them parents with children, trying to find a good balance between a healthy diet and […]

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