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Keep your weight with citrus fruits

Aug 16, 2013 No Comments

Would you like to find something healthy to include in your diet? Something healthy, yet delicious? Then you should look closer at citrus fruits, as they are really good for your general health. There are various fruits to choose from, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes and pomelos, as well as tangerines. Are you suffering […]

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Improve your health with spinach smoothies

Aug 13, 2013 No Comments

We’d all love to stay healthy and strong, right? In order to achieve optimal health we need to pay attention to our food habits, and it’s important that we include healthy foods in our diet. It’s a well known fact that spinach is among the healthiest things you can eat, and it holds plenty of […]

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White rice or brown rice – make the right choice

Aug 04, 2013 No Comments

The summer is still warm and sunny, but within a month or so we’ll see the autumn take over, and many people consider this to be the perfect time for a lifestyle change. They consider it easier to live a healthy life when the summer is over, but it can be a good thing to […]

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Small steps to healthy weight loss

Jul 20, 2013 No Comments

In almost every magazine for women you’ll be able to find at least a couple of pages with weight loss tips and methods. Some of them work, some of them don’t, and there’s no magic secret that works for everybody. You have to make plenty of small lifestyle changes in order to achieve the results […]

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Coconuts – great food for a healthy life

Jul 16, 2013 No Comments

Have you ever tried to include coconuts in your diet in any way? If the answer is yes, good for you! If the answer is no, time to start! Coconut has so many health benefits, and it can be used in so many ways. It’s definitely a win-win situation as it’s delicious as well as […]

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How to succeed with your weight loss goals

Jun 20, 2013 No Comments

While you’re a kid and a teenager it’s usually quite easy to keep a healthy weight, as you’re usually more active and the body has a great metabolism. As you grow older and become an adult it gets more and more difficult to maintain a healthy weight, and millions of people are struggling with some […]

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10 healthy breakfast alternatives

Jun 09, 2013 No Comments

You’ve probably been told over and over again, even since you were a child, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s very true, which gives you even more reason to find healthy alternatives for this meal. The risk is big that you’ll avoid the breakfast if you can’t find a tasty […]

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Foot massage – a healthy way to relax

Jun 02, 2013 No Comments

Have you ever had a foot massage? If the answer is yes, then you already now what a pleasant and a relaxing experience it is. If the answer is no, you really should try to change this, as foot massage is a pleasure, not only for your feet but for the entire body as it […]

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Why you should get regular health exams

May 29, 2013 No Comments

Are you one of those persons who haven’t attended a health examination for ages, or do you go see a doctor once a year, or maybe even more often? If you’re already doing this regularly; great! If not; time to start! So why is this so important? Well, at a health examination your doctor will […]

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Sauna and steam-baths – a healthy way to relax

May 20, 2013 No Comments

Sauna and steam-baths are very common in Scandinavia, especially in Finland where it’s more or less a part of the culture. It’s a leisure and a way to relax, but the fact is that sauna and steam-baths have many health benefits as well.   Do you need a way to get rid of stress? Then […]

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