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Effective training in 2014

Dec 26, 2013 No Comments by

Christmas is over and New Years is soon to come. This means it’s time to get a grip of your New Years values. What are you going to promise for next year? Will you make any lifestyle changes? Maybe it’s time to work out after a lazy life? Or maybe it’s just time to make […]

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Useful apps for a healthier life

Dec 08, 2013 No Comments by

We live in a time when technical gadgets are a big part of most peoples lives, and most of us can’t live without our smartphones, laptops and all other high-tech gadgets. Our gadget addiction can be quite frustrating from time to time, but it can also bring something good, as these gadgets provide us access […]

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Why it’s important to do stretches

Nov 13, 2013 No Comments by

Do you enjoy exercising? Great! Just make sure to remember one thing before and after each training session… Do stretches before and after every training session! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been running for half an hour or if you’ve been participating in an aerobics class. It’s just as important to do stretches either way. […]

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5 types of indoor training

Oct 22, 2013 No Comments

October is here, and it won’t take long before we can write November in our diaries as well. The fall is here, and the winter will soon take over, no doubt about it. Even if you try to be positive about the weather, it can be difficult to see a running tour as a pleasure […]

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Spinning – a great way to workout

Sep 24, 2013 No Comments

It doesn’t matter what gym you visit, you will find at least one spinning class there, as well as several spinning bikes for private sessions. Why is that? Well, it’s actually quite simple to explain. It’s because spinning is a very popular activity, and it’s also very good for your general health. I could spend […]

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Dance your way to fitness

Sep 07, 2013 No Comments

Want to get fit and healthy without lifting weights on the gym? Want to have fun while losing weight or just building the perfect body? No, it’s not impossible, it’s actually more simple than you may think, and the answer is… Jazz dance! Dance your way happiness The great thing with jazz dance is that […]

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How to get nice ab muscles – tutorial video

Sep 01, 2013 No Comments

Would you like to get fit and get some nice looking ab muscles? Don’t have the time to visit a gym daily? Don’t worry! You can actually take care of the workout at home, and it won’t even take an hour per day. You’ve probably tried several abdominal exercises already, but the best you can […]

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Barefoot running – pros and cons

Jul 13, 2013 No Comments

Have plenty of people in your surroundings started running lately? Would you like to start as well? That’s great, but what kind of equipment do you need? Most people would probably recommend a great pair of running shoes, but more and more people recommends barefoot running. They introduce it as a more natural way of […]

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Have fun with zumba – basic tutorial

Jul 06, 2013 No Comments

I can tell from experience that zumba is a great way to exercise! It’s so fun and effective, and it brings the rhytm in every person. It’s honestly the best type of training I’ve every tried, and the best thing of all is that you can do it at the gym along with  a bunch […]

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Group training for active women

Jun 06, 2013 No Comments

Do you enjoy training but prefer to have company while working out? Then you should try group training at the local gym! There are plenty of classes to choose between, and the chance that you’ll find a class that suits your skills and preferences is quite big. I’ve listed a few of the most common […]

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