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Merry Christmas!

Dec 25, 2013 No Comments by

Merry Christmas to all of you! Christmas Day is finally here. With lots of snow for some of you, completely without snow for others. It doesn’t matter much though. The important thing is that you get to celebrate it with your loved ones, that you’re healthy and well, and that everyone is happy of course! […]

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How to keep the mood up during winter

Dec 05, 2013 No Comments by

Winter is here, but many places around the world still await the snow. It’s been a long autumn and lots of people have a hard time to cope with this, as autumn can be quite dark. Most people think it gets easier when the snow comes as it brightens up the landscape a bit, but […]

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Spice up your life with adventures

Oct 05, 2013 No Comments by

Life is an adventure in itself, but nonetheless you may be bored from time to time. Most people sometimes feel that they’re life is just going on in the same direction all the time. Nothing new happens, and you rarely get to feel excited. If you think this describes your life, it’s time to take […]

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Reach happiness with help from your own business

Sep 15, 2013 No Comments

Happiness…. It’s something that everyone, yes, every single person is trying to achieve. Does everyone succeed? No, they certainly don’t, but anyone can succeed if they know how to do it. Sure, difficult situations may come in anyone’s life, but it’s easier to make it through these difficulties if you’re a basically happy person. So, […]

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Dance your way to fitness

Sep 07, 2013 No Comments

Want to get fit and healthy without lifting weights on the gym? Want to have fun while losing weight or just building the perfect body? No, it’s not impossible, it’s actually more simple than you may think, and the answer is… Jazz dance! Dance your way happiness The great thing with jazz dance is that […]

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Fun things to do with your infant

Jul 29, 2013 No Comments

It’s summer time, maybe the most thrilling and amazing time of the year, and if you recently gave birth to a little baby it’s an even more fantastic time of your life. It’s easy to think that you need to stay inside with your baby, and that activities are for moms with older kids only, […]

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Work from home – become happy and wealthy

Jun 16, 2013 No Comments

Have you heard about people who work in their homes, planning their own days without strict schedules? Would you like to become one of them as well? That’s not important, it can actually be quite easy as long as you’re willing to think outside the box, and not just look at the ordinary type of […]

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Sauna and steam-baths – a healthy way to relax

May 20, 2013 No Comments

Sauna and steam-baths are very common in Scandinavia, especially in Finland where it’s more or less a part of the culture. It’s a leisure and a way to relax, but the fact is that sauna and steam-baths have many health benefits as well.   Do you need a way to get rid of stress? Then […]

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Enjoy a great vacation close to home

May 15, 2013 No Comments

It’s still just May, but it will soon be June, July and August; three months when most people have their vacation, and it’s a busy time, filled with vacation plans. Have you decided what you’re going to do this summer? Otherwise it’s certainly time to book your flight now, or start making plans of things […]

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How to make extra money

Apr 06, 2013 No Comments

Millions of people worry about money daily, and that can affect the general well-being and the general happiness. It’s difficult, or almost impossible to be completely happy and satisfied with life as long as you worry about happy. There are several ways to remove the worries though, or at least some of them. I’ve made […]

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