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Relax and have fun on a Caribbean cruise ship

Mar 26, 2013 No Comments

Are you in desperate need of sun, relaxation and the possibility to feel a gentle breeze against your skin? Then it’s time for you to go on a Caribbean cruise. Have you never been on a cruise like that? Then it’s definitely about time to do it. Have fun in the sun To go on […]

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Outdoor activities with your family

Feb 04, 2013 No Comments

The days are getting longer and it’s easy to see that the spring is coming, even though we still have plenty of snow on the ground. Within a few months it will be green and a lot warmer, and it will be a lot easier to plan outdoor activities for you and your family. As […]

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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2012 No Comments

Happy New Year! The time keeps flying by and even though it’s hard to realize, 2012 is actually over, and it’s time for all of us to meet 2013, a new and exciting year! Do you usually give New Years promises? If so, are you usually keeping them? Last year I promised to not eat […]

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Latino dancing – a great way to get back in shape

Dec 22, 2012 No Comments

December is a month when we tend to eat more than usual; cookies, cakes, candy and of course all the food at the holidays. This tends to show on the scale, and many are the people who will struggle with a few extra kilos when the new year comes. It’s time to find a hobby […]

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The perfect Christmas gifts

Dec 10, 2012 No Comments

It’s just a couple of weeks left until the most popular holiday of the year, Christmas! That means it’s about time to look for nice Christmas gifts, in case you haven’t done that already. It’s usually quite easy to find suitable and appreciated gifts for kids, but not as easy to find nice gifts for […]

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Easy ways to get stress relief before Christmas

Dec 03, 2012 No Comments

The snow has finally arrived and I don’t know about you, but I personally think it’s so much brighter and more beautiful now. We’re facing a hectic month, however, and it’s more important than ever to come up with ideas and ways to stay relaxed and happy, even under massive stress. Christmas should be fun, […]

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How to relax in a simple way

Nov 08, 2012 No Comments

I don’t know if you agree, but I personally think that it’s easy to feel a bit tired in the autumn, when the days are short and you don’t see much sun. It’s more important than ever to find moments to relax, and refill the body and the soul with some new energy. This can […]

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Music – great for health and happiness

Oct 06, 2012 No Comments

Are you one of those persons who feels a bit down when it gets darker during autumn and winter? Would you like to find an easy way to get happier quickly? It’s actually quite easy, you can listen to more music! It might sound too good to be true, but scientific studies shows that music […]

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How to get quality time with your kids

Oct 03, 2012 No Comments

It’s no secret that most moms, or at least many moms, wish they could spend more time with their kids. A busy schedule at work, with overtime and late working hours, makes it difficult for many of us to spend enough time with the kids. I know it can be hard not to feel guilty […]

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Knitting – a relaxing and fun hobby for people of all ages

Sep 26, 2012 No Comments

We all need a hobby that can help us relax after work and that can keep us happy when we’ve got some time off from duties, don’t you think? I definitely think so and I’ve found a hobby that keeps me occupied on weekends, rainy evenings and cold winter days. Interested to find out what […]

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