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A vacation with your loved one

Jun 30, 2012 No Comments by

Has your vacation started yet? Do you have any plans yet? There are plenty of things to do during summer but it’s important to keep the activities on a healthy level and to keep the stress away during the vacation. Don’t let barbecues, dinners with friends, beach parties and vacation trips take over your life. […]

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How to get a nice summer makeup

Jun 28, 2012 No Comments by

The summer is here and many of us are feeling more beautiful when the sun is giving us a nice tan and a natural healthy look. We don’t need as much makeup in the summer to look good and healthy but it can still be nice to wear a natural makeup to make you look […]

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5 steps to soft and shiny hair

Jun 25, 2012 No Comments by

It’s no news that most girls are interested in having shiny hair but far from all have found a good way to make this happen. It can actually both easy and inexpensive to get soft and shiny hair, the key is to use the right products and to take good care of the hair in […]

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Stay healthy by eating kiwi

Jun 23, 2012 No Comments

Do you have a favourite fruit or vegetable? I love kiwi and I guess I should be happy about that since kiwi is a fruit with plenty of health benefits. It helps prevent from colon cancer and asthma but it also has many other health benefits. Let’s have a look at what it does to […]

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Treat your feet with aromatherapy

Jun 20, 2012 No Comments

We’ve reached the middle of June and the beach season will soon be here, (and for some of you it’s already here). It’s easy to find articles and debates on getting in shape for the summer season, with weight loss and exercise in mind, but one part of the body is usually forgotten, the feet! […]

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How to benefit from a coconut

Jun 18, 2012 No Comments

I’m pretty sure that all of you have heard about coconuts. Maybe you’ve seen a coconut tree on your vacation, or seen them on photos that made you wish that you were actually in that particular place where the photo was taken…. However, coconuts are not only fascinating, they are also very healthy in many […]

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Healthy exercises for women

Jun 10, 2012 No Comments

Would you like to start exercise today? Are you aware of the fact that some exercises are perfect for men but not as suitable for women and the other way around? With this knowledge in mind, it’s important to find a healthy way to exercise, a way that is suitable for women. There are some […]

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Good reasons to drink tea

Jun 07, 2012 No Comments

Do you like tea? Congratulations! You’re a lucky one. Tea offers plenty of health benefits, one of them is the fact that it contains catechins, which is a well known antioxidant. It doesn’t contain much carbohydrates or fat though, which means you can drink tea without gaining weight. You could actually lose weight by drinking […]

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How to avoid getting sick in the summer

Jun 05, 2012 No Comments

It’s never fun to get sick and certainly not during the vacation. There’s nothing worse than being sick when it’s warm and sunny outside and everybody else is having barbecue parties and working on their tan at the beach. Luckily there are a few ways to avoid getting sick during the summer season and here […]

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5 fruits for a healthy lifestyle

Jun 02, 2012 No Comments

Are you trying to change your lifestyle in order to get healthier habits? The summer is a great time to start your new life since there are so many natural ways to do it during this season. It’s easier than ever to exercise since you can go jogging in the nature, swimming in the sea […]

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