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Scuba diving – a way to relax

Aug 31, 2012 No Comments by

Are you feeling tired for some reason? Have you considered going away on vacation? Most people need to get away from home a few weeks every year to get away from stress, duties and old habits. You can, of course, go away on a charter holiday where you spend most of the day on the […]

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Include strawberries in your diet – get a healthier life

Aug 29, 2012 No Comments by

To live a healthy life doesn’t have to be boring. A healthy diet can be fun and tasty and one important part of a healthy diet should be strawberries. These precious berries are nutritious and you’ll get plenty of health benefits by including strawberries in your diet on a regular basis. Strawberry health benefits Strawberries […]

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Use lavender for skin care and stress relief

Aug 26, 2012 No Comments by

Do you grow lavender in your garden? Great! You’ll soon be very happy that you made such a wise choice, since lavender is an amazing plant. The flowers are beautiful and make a great addition in any flower box or flower arrangement, and the plant can be used for medicinal use or used for its […]

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How to give yourself a french manicure

Aug 23, 2012 No Comments

Beautiful nails is, if not a must, so at least a big bonus if you want to be taken seriously at work and in your private life. You can get it by visiting a salon where the treatment is performed by professionals but this can be quite expensive and since your nails will need to […]

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Important facts on your weight loss journey

Aug 20, 2012 No Comments

The summer is still here but it’s no secret that we’re heading towards fall. It’s likely that you’ve gained a few kgs during summer, that’s a common result of late dinners, nice barbecues, bag-in-box wine, cold drinks and other summer related habits. Most people wants to get rid of those kgs when the summer is […]

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Keep the love alive – 3 easy ways to a happy life together

Aug 17, 2012 No Comments

Most of us struggle to get enough time with our children, but few of us realize that it’s important to get quality time with our partner as well. Divorces are getting more common and it’s actually quite easy to see why. If you don’t get any time with each other, it’s easy to lose the […]

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Find the healthiest orange juice – home made or shop made?

Aug 15, 2012 No Comments

Do you like to drink a glass of orange juice every now and then? That’s great! There’s one thing to consider though. It’ll be a lot better if you start squeezing your own orange juice instead of buying orange juice in a supermarket. Why? Because the juice that you squeeze at home contains a lot […]

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Get a happier life with meditation

Aug 12, 2012 No Comments

One of the most common reasons why people don’t feel well today is stress. Lots of people are stressed out, mostly because of a hectic career but sometimes because of a stressful private life as well. It’s important to find a good way to handle the stress and that’s the key to a happier life […]

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Swimming – the perfect way to exercise

Aug 10, 2012 No Comments

Swimming is without doubt one of the healthiest sports you can ever find. Plenty of people thing that swimming is just a way to relax but it’s actually an effective weight loss method and it’s also a great way to workout! I could mention several reasons why you should start swimming on a regular basis […]

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How to make healthy ice cream

Aug 08, 2012 No Comments

August is here and that means another month with many warm and sunny days. It’s real nice to relax in the sun but in order to make the days perfect you need a few things. Something cold to drink is more or less a must in order to avoid headache. Water is actually the perfect […]

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