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Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2012 No Comments by

Happy New Year! The time keeps flying by and even though it’s hard to realize, 2012 is actually over, and it’s time for all of us to meet 2013, a new and exciting year! Do you usually give New Years promises? If so, are you usually keeping them? Last year I promised to not eat […]

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Makeup tutorial for New Years Eve

Dec 26, 2012 No Comments by

Merry Christmas! Have you had a joyful weekend? I sure did, and now it will soon be time for New Years Eve, which might be the most important day/night of all, for all people interested in their looks. This is obviously a night when most people would like to look glamourous, stunning and absolutely beautiful, […]

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Latino dancing – a great way to get back in shape

Dec 22, 2012 No Comments by

December is a month when we tend to eat more than usual; cookies, cakes, candy and of course all the food at the holidays. This tends to show on the scale, and many are the people who will struggle with a few extra kilos when the new year comes. It’s time to find a hobby […]

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A healthy life with help from chicken

Dec 17, 2012 No Comments

Are you trying to find a way to start a healthier life? You can start by reviewing your diet. Maybe it’s time to replace red meat and carbohydrates with something more lean and healthy. Why not choose chicken instead? The chicken breast is the leanest part of the chicken, and the great thing is that […]

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Discover new and healthy ways to eat fruit

Dec 13, 2012 No Comments

The winter is, as you’ve probably noticed by now, a very dark period with few sun hours. The lack of sun, fresh air (many people tend to stay inside most of the time during winter) and light makes us sensitive and more likely to catch various colds and viruses. This means it’s more important than […]

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The perfect Christmas gifts

Dec 10, 2012 No Comments

It’s just a couple of weeks left until the most popular holiday of the year, Christmas! That means it’s about time to look for nice Christmas gifts, in case you haven’t done that already. It’s usually quite easy to find suitable and appreciated gifts for kids, but not as easy to find nice gifts for […]

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Get rid of anger and stress – start boxing today!

Dec 07, 2012 No Comments

Are you trying to find the perfect type of training? Why not try boxing? It gets more and more popular among women, and it’s a great type of fitness training as it helps you build a strong heart while learning self defence. As a bonus, this is a real fun way to exercise. Many reasons […]

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Easy ways to get stress relief before Christmas

Dec 03, 2012 No Comments

The snow has finally arrived and I don’t know about you, but I personally think it’s so much brighter and more beautiful now. We’re facing a hectic month, however, and it’s more important than ever to come up with ideas and ways to stay relaxed and happy, even under massive stress. Christmas should be fun, […]

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