Spinning – a great way to exercise

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Are you eager to start training? Would you like to find a great way to exercise, which is good for your overall health as well as for your body? Spinning is a very popular way to exercise and it’s a great option if you’d like to lose weight quickly, since you typically burn approximately 500 calories at a spinning class.

So, why should you choose spinning? How can you benefit from this training method?

  1. Everybody can practice spinning. You can set your own pace and goal depending on your heart rate. You have a monitor on the spinning bike where you can keep an eye on the heart rate through the entire class.
  2. You burn calories quickly and that means you’ll be able to lose weight quickly too.
  3. You will increase the muscle strenght while spinning.
  4. You will give the metabolism a boost.
  5. It’s great for your cardiovascular health and you will improve the lung capacity!
  6. You can exercise without putting pressure on the knees and feet and it’s great for people who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism.

I could go on forever and mention benefits but I think this is enough for now. You can see that spinning is a healthy choice, right? Have you tried this yet? Otherwise it’s definitely time to give it a go! Do you have another favourite when it comes to training? Let me know all about it since I’m eager to try new training methods!

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My name is Tezz and I'm a 29-years-old mother of 2. I spend most of my time at soccer practice, hockey practice or floor ball practice with my sons, but I also enjoy exercising myself. I love zumba, aerobics, jogging and of course power walking. My interest in health and training has grown since I became a mom. It all started when I wanted to lose a few extra pounds that I gained during my pregnancies, but it increased to become an honest interest in exercising and today I find it important to have a healthy lifestyle. I've also worked as a skincare consultant for a couple of years and I love beauty related topics just as much as health related topics. I love makeup and skincare and I'm looking forward to share my hobbies with you!
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