Stay healthy by eating kiwi

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Do you have a favourite fruit or vegetable? I love kiwi and I guess I should be happy about that since kiwi is a fruit with plenty of health benefits. It helps prevent from colon cancer and asthma but it also has many other health benefits. Let’s have a look at what it does to you health!

Helps prevent respiratory diseases

Kiwi will help you improve your health in many ways if you eat at least 5 servings of kiwi every week. It reduces night time cough, shortness of breath and severe wheeze as well as chronic cough. It also prevents asthma as mentioned above, and that’s obviously an important benefit for the health.

How come this little fruit helps prevent respiratory diseases? Well, it’s mostly because of the high content of vitamin C. Kiwi fruits are much more rich in vitamin C than the orange, a fact that comes as a surprise to most people.

Good for the digestive health and the bloodpressure

So the kiwi fruit is good for the respiratory health, but what else can it do? Well, it’s also good for the digestive health since it’s rich in fibres. Fiber will help you prevent constipation and it can also help you prevent other gastro-intestinal diseases. What’s even more important: it will help you remove toxins from the colon, which means it helps prevent colon cancer, a very dangerous disease.

Are you familiar with potassium? It helps controlling the bloodpressure and the heart rate since it’s keeps the body fluids in balance. So what does this have to do with the kiwi fruit? Well, the kiwi contains plenty of electrolyte potassium and that’s great!

By eating kiwi regularly you can also fight cardiovascular diseases by reducing the risk of blood clotting. You can prevent the build up of plaques in the arterial walls by eating 3 kiwis per day and this is actually an easy and tasty way to stay healthy and happy!


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