My favourite food at the bbq

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Do you like throwing a barbecue for family and friends? I totally agree, it’s real nice to invite all your friends to a dinner party where you can talk, eat, drink and have fun. The best thing with a bbq is that you can serve tasty food for everybody. You don’t have to stick with a nice steak, you can serve chicken, corn, marshmallows, apples and many other dishes. The chance that everybody will find something tasty to eat is big since there are so many things to choose between.

My personal favourite to eat at a bbq is grilled salmon. It’s tasty, it’s fresh and it’s delicious to eat on a warm summers night. Another big bonus is that it contains plenty of important nutrients. It’s a fat fish but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them just because you’re on a diet. The fat in this fish is healthy fat that is good for you. Salmon contain omega-3 fats and because of that it helps to reduce inflammation. By eating salmon you can also help preventing blood clots, which is great since it helps avoiding strokes.

Do you have a favourite food to eat on bbq’s? Do you prefer a nice steak, grilled chicken filét, salmon or some other dish? I’d love to hear all your favourite recipes that can be used at a barbecue! My advice for you is to try grilled salmon with some lime on. It’s real tasty, I assure you.


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