How to get white teeth without paying a fortune

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I suppose you’ve seen the celebrities and their smiles and you might even have envied them a few times since it seems to be impossible to get that kind of smile without paying a fortune. You could of course go to the dentist to let them bleach your teeth. The problem is that this is an expensive procedure and it might not last for long since the colour will change because of coffee, tea and wine for example. Tobacco stains will also affect the colour of your teeth in a negative way.

So, what can you do if you want to get whiter teeth without paying thousands and thousands for it? First of all, use a toothpaste with whitening effect! This might sound to good to be true but some of them are actually effective. Another good thing to do is to chew sugarfree gum. This helps to create more saliva, which is great for the teeth.

Are you willing to change your habits in order to get whiter teeth? If so, that’s great! Try to drink less coffee and wine and stop smoking! It’s really good if you can do this, for your teeth as well as for your general health.

Other things to do in order to prevent stains on the teeth is to rinse the mouth with water after eating blueberries and blackberries. It can also be good to brush your teeth immediately afterwards. These berries are very healthy though, so you shouldn’t avoid them, just make sure to take good care of your teeth after eating it.

There are also some obvious things you can do in order to get and maintain a beautiful smile. Remember to brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss 1-2 times every day as well. It will help you prevent stains and it will give you a fresh breath, which is equally important.

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