Avocado – a magic fruit for health and beauty

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There are so many healthy fruits and vegetables out there and one of them is the avocado. Many people choose to avoid it since it’s high in calories but that’s actually a mistake since it has good fat burning qualities despite its calories. One avocado contains as much as 54% of the recommended daily fiber value which makes it very effective for fat burning purposes.

Avocados contains folate and this means you can help preventing heart diseases. The fruit is also anti-inflammatory since it contains manganese as well as the vitamins C & E and that means avocado is a great fruit to eat if you suffer from rheumatoid diseases.

Are you one of these people who doesn’t like the taste of avocado? Well, you can actually benefit from avocados anyway. It also has anti-aging properties and that means it’s a perfect ingredient to use in home made anti-aging creams and masks. You can mash an avocado and use it as a facial mask and by doing that regularly you’ll be able to see a difference and the face will most likely look more fresh and vital. How does this work? The avocado has a moisturizing effect on the skin and it will help you prevent wrinkles and it will make the skin less dry. You can also use avocado to get beautiful hair. The easiest way to do this is by rubbing mashed avocados in the hair after washing it. It should be left in the hair for approximately 5 minutes and it’s important to rinse afterwards. The hair will get a new, fresh luster!

There are so many ways to benefit from avocado, whether you choose to eat it or use it for skin or hair care. Next time you visit your local grocery shop, make sure to buy a few avocados and discover on your own which health benefits it might have in store for you!

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