Three important beauty factors

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The road to beauty can be long and winding, but working on making the most of your face can also be very fun. True beauty can be found inside us, that’s a truth that can’t be denied. We can, however, improve the beauty that is visible on the outside, and we all have different ways to become beautiful. Which things do you consider to be most important in order to get a beautiful look? I’ve got a list with three things that I care about the most.

  1. The eyes

I’ve been told that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and that’s probably true. You can see in a person’s eyes if he or she is a good person and that’s obviously more important than any physical beauty. I do, however, think that a nice eye makeup can add a magic touch to the appearance as well. Long, thick eyelashes and beautiful eyebrows are important, and the right eye shadow colours can make wonders as well!

  1. The lips

Don’t let your lips become dry and flaky! I think it’s important to have bold and healthy lips, with a glossy look. Lip balm and lip gloss are two of my best friends. They have a permanent place in my bag or pocket. Time for a dinner with friends or a party? A nice lipstick is definitely a must, preferably with lip gloss on top!

  1. The nails

The nails are important! Even though they’re not a part of the face, they still catch much attention. I think the nails should be long, well manicured and I think every girl should spoil herself with professional manicure every now and then. It’s worth every penny!


This is my top 3 list, and I’m dying to hear yours! Which 3 things get a place on your list?


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