A wonderful fishing adventure

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To go away on vacation is always nice but sometimes it can be fun to do something more than just relax. To go on a fishing holiday can be real nice. It’s relaxing, exciting and you get to spend time in the nature. There are great places for fishing worldwide, so you’ve got plenty of alternatives to choose between, but some places are too amazing to miss. Here is a top 3 list of fishing destinations. These places are beautiful, offers great fishing opportunities and interesting surroundings.


  1. Swedish Lapland

In the north of Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle, you’ll find Swedish Lapland. It’s a beutiful area with fascinating nature, glittering lakes and mystical rivers. This is the perfect place to go fishing and if you visit during summer, you’ll be able to see the famous midnight sun. You can go fishing and get some really big trouts here and the waters are great for fishing from June to September.


  1. Port Alberni, Canada

Canada is a beautiful and fascinating country with plenty of opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. Port Alberni is called the salmon capital and this is the perfect place to visit if you want to catch a salmon. Salmon is one of the most healthy fishes to eat and it’s always nice to catch the fish on your own, instead of buying it in a store. Go fishing and take some time to explore the beautiful area of British Columbia.


  1. Western Pyrenees, Spain

Spain is a popular destination because of its warm and sunny weather. The Western Pyrenees is a great destination for anglers as well. You can enjoy the weather while fishing for trouts. This is a great place where you can try fly fishing while wading in the rivers close to the mountains. The nature is wild and quite amazing and this will be a memory for life.


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