Zumba – a fun way to dance away the kgs

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Do you like to move to the music? Do you have the rhythm in your blood? Then you might like zumba, a different and fun kind of training.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program and when you train zumba you get to dance away the kgs to latino music combined with international music. You learn steps which is a combination between samba, salsa and other latino dances. The steps are later combined in a dance-fitness program and this is a really fun way to make the kgs dissappear while you’re having a great time!

Zumba has grown to become a huge success and today more than 14 million people takes zumba classes. This shows that zumba is a fun and effective type of training.

Do you what the greatest thing with zumba is? It’s easy to find zumba lessons and instructors in most towns, but if you can’t find any, or if the lessons take place at a time when you can’t attend, there’s another way to take zumba classes. You can actually take part in the dance-fitness program at home, in front of the TV. You can buy the Zumba Fitness DVD where you can learn the program from scratch and develop in your own pace. You can also, if you have Xbox 360 with Kinect, buy Zumba Fitness for Kinect. You’ll then be able to see every move on the TV screen and copy the moves, and you’ll see your progress directly on the screen as you dance. It’s a great way to learn the program and you get feedback on the screen as you exercise.

Are you looking for a new kind of training? I really recommend that you try Zumba! I’ve never tried such a fun training program before and you know what? Zumba becomes an addiction quite fast and you’ll burn fat without attending the gym one single time!

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My name is Tezz and I'm a 29-years-old mother of 2. I spend most of my time at soccer practice, hockey practice or floor ball practice with my sons, but I also enjoy exercising myself. I love zumba, aerobics, jogging and of course power walking. My interest in health and training has grown since I became a mom. It all started when I wanted to lose a few extra pounds that I gained during my pregnancies, but it increased to become an honest interest in exercising and today I find it important to have a healthy lifestyle. I've also worked as a skincare consultant for a couple of years and I love beauty related topics just as much as health related topics. I love makeup and skincare and I'm looking forward to share my hobbies with you!
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