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Do you have straight hair by nature? Lucky you! My hair has always been a bit curly, or at least wavy, and I always envied the girls with straight hair when I was a teenager, since their hair looked so shiny and soft. My hair was just a mess with those curls, and even though the girls with straight hair, envied me in return, I’ve never stopped admiring girls with straight, silky hair.

The good thing is that it’s possible to get straight hair quite easily nowadays, not permanently, but temporarily, with help from a straightener. The straightener makes the hair look shiny, thanks to the heat, but it’s important to remember that the straightener can damage the hair if it’s used the wrong way.

The best thing you can do if you want your hair to look silky and shiny, and doesn’t have that look by nature, is to use a straightener in combination with a protecting serum. This is an emergency solution though, there are things you can do in daily life to get shiny and healthy hair. It takes time to get a healthy hair though, and most people doesn’t want to wait.

How to take care of curly hair

The straightener can be a woman’s best friend, that’s no secret… I love my straightener, but I’ve also noticed that it gives me more split ends, and that’s the last thing I want. Because of that, I’ve started to use preventive methods to get silky hair instead. It’s actually not as difficult as it might seem, and I’m sure you can do it as well!

Use a shampoo with moisturizing effect and use conditioner as well. Make sure to use a straightening gel and always use a wide-tooth brush. A finishing gel will make the hair look more glossy once you’ve dried it. A good idea is to use heat-activated shampoo, in which the moisturizer will be released when you use the straightener. It’s a great way to keep the hair in great shape, at the same time as you get a super-shiny hair.


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