Bungy jumping in New Zealand

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Are you up for a true adventure? Something far from your ordinary daily life? That’s great! I’ve got some ideas for you. Why don’t you book a trip to New Zealand, where you can go bungy jumping while enjoying the fabulous nature?

Adventures in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fantastic place in so many ways. It’s hard to imagine a nature like this, before you’ve seen it. It’s absolutely amazing! When you arrive to New Zealand, it’s almost like you enter a fairytale world.

The greatest thing about this island country is that it offers a lot more than just beautiful views. This is the perfect place to visit if you’re up for an adventure. Bungy jumping, bridge climbing, you name it. You can do it all in New Zealand.

Bungy jumping

I don’t know about you, but if I could choose one adventure to try, it would definitely be bungy jumping. And if I was to choose a place for it, I would choose New Zealand, without doubt. There are many options for all skill levels, and everyone can find a suitable option, whether you’ve jumped hundreds of times before or if this is your very first jump.

You can try bungy jumping from the Auckland Bridge. It’s a 40 metres jump where you can actually touch the ocean before you go back up again. Would you like to try something higher? What about the largest jump in New Zealand, the Nevis. It’s a 134 metres jump and this is certainly a lifetime memory. Only very brave and adventurous people have the courage to go up in the highwire cable car to perform this bungy jump. Another famous place to jump from is the Kawarau Bridge. It’s an amazing feeling to stand 43 metres above the Kawarau River, and then jump off the bridge. Prepare to get wet!

If you’d like to get yourself a memory for life, it’s definitely time to book a trip. Set a date, book your flight and head off to the wonderful island country in the Pacific!


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