The perfect place for a vacation in Europe

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Next week is a bit special. Why? Because it’s autumn break in school. My kids will have a week off from school and that opens a lot of doors of course. We can do anything we’d like, and we doesn’t have to get up early.

We’ll actually stay at home most of the break this year, and do fun things nearby. Maybe visit the hockey arena to see a hockey match in the elite league, go for a picnic in the woods, spend time with friends and family and just relax. I guess some of you might choose to travel during the break though, and I’d like to share some travel tips with you. I love travelling, and I will definitely consider travelling next school break.

The sunny island in Europe

I’ve visited several places, which is ideal for families, a group of friends, loving couples and singles alike. One of my favourite places in the whole wide world is Crete, a sunny and beautiful island in Europe. Crete belongs to Greece and is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. The weather is usually beautiful if you decide to go there during the autumn break, since September and October is the perfect time to visit this island, just like April and May in the spring.

So, why should you choose Crete when it’s time to book a trip? There are actually many reasons why this is the perfect choice, and I’ll mention a few of them to make you figure why I love this island so much.


  • History – I’m really fascinated by ancient history, and there’s plenty of it in Crete (just like Greece in general). The temple of Knossos is just one of several remains from ancient times, and it’s easy to learn a lot of things about European history while visiting Crete.
  • Culture – Cozy tavernas, lovely restaurants, delicious food like greek salad and souvlaki are some of the reasons why I appreciate Crete. To find a nice restaurant and spend the evening there along with friends or family, is a great part of the vacation. The local dishes are worth trying, almost everything tastes good here!
  • The people – The inhabitants of Crete are very friendly and it’s a pleasure to stroll along the narrow streets in Crete, as everyone is smiling and willing to offer a helping hand if needed.
  • Beaches – There are so many beautiful beaches here, and you can easily spend the entire vacation on the beach, enjoying the clear blue water and the sand under your feet. However, there is one place in particular that you have to visit. Elafonisi is truly something special. This lagoon is beautiful, the water is almost pink and this is a place that you’ll never forget once you’ve been there!


Are you convinced? I really think you should consider visiting Crete if you plan on going to Europe. There are many beautiful places in Europe, but Crete has so much to offer since it has such a big part in the European history and the greek mythology.


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