Injections and surgery – pros and cons

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It gets more and more common that women (and some men as well) choose to use injections to prevent wrinkles and other ageing signs. Botox, restylane and other alternatives can make you look several years younger than you are, but there are side effects to discover as well. You can possibly experience allergic reactions, you can get a tingeling feeling in the skin and you can get an unnatural look. The questions is, is it worth it?

Other ways to look young

It’s important to consider pros and cons with injections before using this solution. Yes, you might look younger, and possibly more attractive, but you can also experience unfortunate side effects. Some people think it’s worth taking the risk, but some people prefer to try other, more harmless solutions first.

There are actually plenty of ways to keep a youthful look as long as possible. You can’t look like 25 when you’re 70, but you can definitely look like 50 when you’re 65.

The first thing to do is to include a healthy skin care routine in your daily life. Start using some effective moisturizing creams when you’re in your 20s. It might seem a bit ridiculous, since you haven’t seen one single wrinkle yet, but it’s a good way to prevent ageing signs from showing up within a decade or so. An effective day cream and a recovering night cream is good to use. Try to use moisturizing and freshening facial masks from time to time as well. By keeping the skin moisturized, you can prevent ageing signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

Next thing to do is to remove the makeup every night, before going to bed. Never, and I mean never, sleep with makeup on! Sleeping with traces of makeup will leave wrinkles behind quite quickly, and that would certainly be a pity.

Most of us are quite stressed out nowadays, but try to get enough time to visit a spa a few times every year. Get some relaxing treatments for the face, as well as for the rest of your body. Too much stress will be visible in your face within a few years, you’ll be able to see wrinkles earlier than you thought possible if you never let your face and body relax.

Why choose surgery or injections

Ok, so you can prevent wrinkles with help from creams, masks, spa treatments and other methods, but what if the wrinkles are already there? If you’ve tried everything else, and doesn’t seem to get rid of them in any way? Well, an injection or surgery is probably not the first alternative to consider, but it’s a possible solution if you’ve tried everything else. You’ll most likely be able to see results, and you’ll most likely look a lot younger, at least if you make sure to visit a professional surgeon or skin therapeut who can help you with the treatment.

Make sure to consult a physician first, before making up your mind. Check the medical history to make sure you won’t experience any allergic reactions or common side effects.

It’s always the patients choice to decide whether an injection or surgery is the best choice, and it’s important to be realistic and to follow the voice inside. The most important thing is that you’re happy with yourself, and it really doesn’t matter how you accomplish this, as long as you’re happy with the result!

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