Free knitting patterns – a good start for a new hobby

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It doesn’t matter how much we want spring to come, we’ve still got winter, and so it will be for a couple of more months. The best thing we can do is to make the most of it, and to seize the day… Every day! Use the winter to find new hobbies, such as knitting for example. It’s perfect to do when it’s cold and snowy outside, and as a bonus you won’t have to buy new gloves, scarves etc. since you’ll be able to produce them on your own.

Free knitting patterns – a great thing to start with

One thing that might stop you from knitting is the fact that knitting patterns can be quite expensive. It’s possible to save the money though, as it’s possible to find plenty of easy (as well as more advanced) knitting patterns online without cost.

I personally think the best site one can ever find in this genre is Knitting Pattern Central. They’ve got free tips and tricks for you, which is great whether you’re a novice or if you’ve been knitting for years. There’s always more to learn… They’ve also got thousands of free patterns in their directory and link catalog, and it doesn’t matter if you’d like to create a cute amigurumi, a warming scarf, a potholder, a pillow cover or something else, you’ll find the pattern here.

Are you a complete knitting novice? Why not try knitting a scarf for yourself?

  • Choose one (or several) wool yarns and a pair of 15 mm needles.
  • Set up 14 sts to start with.
  • Knit from end to row, back and forward until it’s reached the length of your choice. It’s as easy as that! Experiment with all the colours you’d like, it can be really beautiful with a rainbow scarf!
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