Hiking – an adventurous hobby for you

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In my last post I said that this was a nice time to get a new hobby, as it’s still in the beginning of the year. My first suggestion was knitting, but not all of you like knitting and such hobbies, which I’m well aware of. Would you like to find a more active hobby instead? I’ve got one for you… Hiking! It’s fun, good for your health and it’s a quite cheap hobby to have as well.

Go abroad for a hiking tour

At first hiking might seem a bit boring, but it can actually be a quite adventurous hobby to have. You can take part in hiking travels, and experience the whole world while hiking. There are many nice places to see and discover while hiking, but three of them are outstanding. These are my top three list of places to visit for a hiking tour.

  1. Quebec, Canada – Canada is an amazing country well worth visiting, and the Quebec area is stunning. There are some beautiful nature gems, and some cultural attractions to enjoy as well. You’ll burn plenty of calories while hiking in the Canadian nature, as gorges and cliffs are mixed with waterfalls and lakes
  2. Cinque Terre, Italy – Italy is a really beautiful country, and Cinque Terre is a fantastic region where you can enjoy the beautiful nature while hiking, and then benefit from the italian cuisine in the region of Leguria afterwards.
  3. Switzerland – A great place to walk, if you want to burn calories and fat while being stunned by the amazing surroundings. Switzerland with its alpine scene is a wonderful place for hiking, and you’ll find some of the highest peaks in the world here. An adventure for everyone, and a challenge for sure!

What to bring

Hiking is fun and quite easy to start with, but you need to remember a few things. First of all, you need to wear good shoes. Invest in a pair of walking shoes, don’t try to find the cheapest shoes in store, you will regret that at some point!

Bring a good mood. It will be tough from time to time, and some days are better than other. Remember to enjoy the good things on the trip. A beautiful view, the fresh air… Don’t focus on the touch parts, such as aching feet, rainy hours and such things. The important thing is to have fun!

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