Winter running – easy, fun and healthy

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Have you decided to make this year a healthy one? Would you like to start running on a regular basis as soon as possible? Don’t worry, the snow doesn’t have to be a problem. It will all be fine as long as you read through a few tips before starting your new, healthier life.

How to enjoy running in the winter

  • Pick the right pair of shoes for your running tour. This is always important, but especially at this time of the year as you need to keep the feet warm and dry. Pick a pair of shoes with as little mesh as possible. Have you heard of Gore-Tex material? It’s a great choice for a pair of shoes to be used in the winter.
  • Clothes are important. You don’t want to be all sweaty, but it’s not good if you get cold either. It’s ok if it’s a bit chilly in the beginning as you’ll get a lot warmer after a few minutes. Zippers in the underarms and the neck is great, since it makes it possible for you to zip up if you get warm. Several thin layers is better than one thick layer.
  • The speed is not important. It’s important that you realize that you won’t be able to keep the same speed as during summer. The important thing is that you put a decent amount of miles behind you, not that you run fast.
  • Don’t forget the water! It’s easier to forget to drink when it’s cold outside, but it’s just as important to stay hydrated even though it’s chilly outside.
  • Warm up! It’s even more important to warm up before running if it’s cold outside. Walk briskly beforing starting to run, not just for a minute, but for 10 minutes or so, to get the body warmed up.
  • Wear a hat and gloves. Most of your body heat is lost through your head, and this makes it vital to wear a hat while running. It’s also important to protect your hands, so make sure to wear a pair of gloves when you’re running.

It will be a lot easier for you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle if you follow these tips. Always put safety first, and stay at home if it’s too cold to run. It’s not healthy to run if the temperature reaches beyond -25 degrees Celsius. In these cases you should try to run on a cross-trainer or such thing instead.

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