5 destinations for a relaxed vacation

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It’s a lot of focus on excercise and healthy diets here on the blog, and these are important factors for a good general health of course, but it’s important that you remember another important factor as well; relaxation.

Whether you live an extremely busy life with hard work, family life and workout, or if you manage everything at home, spend time with your kids and try to have time to meet all your friends, it’s important that you remember to relax completely every now and then. You can do it at home of course, but I know what it’s like… It can be very tempting to do some vacuum cleaning, take care of the laundry or redecorate a bit while trying to relax. Because of this it might be better to take a few days off and go away for a few days to relax at some nice destination. You can travel alone, or along with your partner depending on what makes you relax the most.

Where to go for relaxation

What you should be looking for when you plan to go away for relaxation isn’t the place with most activities and attractions, it’s the place with the best amenities for relaxation. There are honestly thousands of great places out there, ready to explore, so I thought I’d just list a few of them to provide you with a few ideas to start with.

  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines – This island in the Caribbean might not be the obvious choice as you might not even have heard about it. It’s a small island though, with lovely weather and wonderful sandy beaches. It’s close to the Barbados, but not at all as crowded as it still hasn’t been discovered by too many tourists.
  • Patagonia, Argentina – Have you ever been to Argentina? If not, it might be time to go there, and Patagonia is the perfect choice if you want to stay away from the tourist crowds. The local citizens are friendly and helpful, and the weather is usually nice.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA – Would you like to relax in the US? No problem! My advice is to go to Wyoming, Jackson Hole to be specific. Enjoy the hot springs, visit Yellowstone, bring your skis if it’s winter season and unwind completely.
  • Tibet – What place can be better suited for relaxation than Tibet, the place where you can learn all about Buddhism and learn to relax entirely. It’s a quiet and nice region, and you will definitely be able to let go of all your stress when you spend a few days here.
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Would you like to try some snorkelling or diving while relaxing? You can do that in Playa del Carmen, and you can also unwind in the sun on one of the sandy beaches. There are shopping centres as well, in case you’d like to go for a shopping tour, and you can try some deep-water fishing in this town as well.

Have you been to other places which you believe is perfect for a relaxed vacation? Please, don’t hesitate to write about it in the comment form, as I’m sure all readers appreciate some more ideas.

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