How to live a good life with a rheumatic disease

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Do you suffer from a rheumatic disease? It’s very common, probably more common than you’ve realized, but the good news is that you can live a good life with the disease with help from medication and proper training. A few decades ago it was a lot more difficult to live a good life with these diseases, as the medications weren’t as good back then. Today there are several types of medications which can be used to keep the disease in a non-active mode and your doctor can help you find the most effective medication scheme, while you can find some tips to consider regarding healthy training in this article.

Start with low intensity training in the daily life

If you’re not used to exercise and if you suffer from pain in joints and muscles it’s wise to start with low intensity training in your daily life, such as walking in your own pace, cycling and gardening. Your body needs to get used to body activities which requires more oxygen and muscle power, and when you’ve introduced these activities you can start doing medium intensity training.

Swimming and water gymnastics in a pool with warm water is a great choice for joints and muscles. It’s also good if you combine cardiac training with strength improving exercises and balance training. 30 minutes of daily exercise is the minimum level if you want to follow the recommendations.

Swimming and cycling are often considered to be comfortable types of training if you suffer from a rheumatic disease, but it’s actually all up to you to find a type of training that suits you and the body of yours. Make sure to do something that you consider to be fun, that will be the best choice for you!

Why it’s important to exercise

So, why is it so important to exercise then? Well, first of all it will help you to improve, or at least maintain, the mobility in your joints. That’s great of course, but there are more reasons as well. By training on a regular basis you can also prevent other diseases, which may arise as a result of a long term rheumatic disease, such as cardiovascular conditions and various types of cancer.

You can maintain your health by changing your habits in other ways as well. Make sure to eat fish every week, preferrably two times per week, in order to get enought Omega-3. You should also stop smoking in case you haven’t done that already.

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