Beauty consultant – an interesting job opportunity

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Would you like to get a job where you can be your own boss? Are you interested in makeup and skin care? Then you might like the idea of working as a beauty consultant, and everyone has the opportunity to work in the beauty genre, as their own boss, and the key to this opportunity is signing up as a beauty consultant for Mary Kay.

Makeup products and skin care

Mary Kay is a well known company in many countries, and it has its origin in the United States, where it was first launched by Mary Kay Ash. The concept is to give women the opportunity to work as many hours as they can and want, to get an opportunity to get a salary which pays their rent, and to do something they find fun and interesting. Anyone older than 18 years can sign up for this job, and you can climb on the career ladder by recruiting others and by making sales.

What you do as a Mary Kay beauty consultant is to book beauty classes, where you show 1-6 women how to use the skin care products and give them an opportunity to find suitable products for their skin types. After this session they can buy the products they’ve tried, and you’ll get a good commission on all sales. The next step is to book a new class, a makeup session this time, where you teach them how to put on a good looking makeup, where they can try various products and find the perfect colour scheme. You then become their personal beauty consultant, and you can keep providing them with beauty items, or try to recruit them as consultants as well. Your income will increase as you recruit new consultants, which is the largest income source in this job, even if you can make a good amount on the sales as well.

Meet others and learn more

One thing that most women appreciate when they work as a beauty consultant in the Mary Kay company is the social factor. You get plenty of chances to meet other consultants and everybody strives to help each other and to make everyone reach their full potential. You also get to attend many seminars, courses and meetings where you get to learn more about skin care, makeup, beauty products and such things. These are things you’ll have use for in the job, but also in the private life, as you’ll be able to put on the most amazing makeup on your self as well!

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