How to deal with high cholesterol

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Do you suffer from high cholesterol? Then you’ve got the same problem as millions of other people, as this health issue gets more and more common. The increased amount of people with high cholesterol can be blamed on the common lifestyle of today. Most people eats unhealthy food rich on fats and sugar, and the activity level is way too low. This is very unfortunate as too high cholesterol might lead to heart attacks, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.

How to lower the cholesterol

So, what should you do if you discover that your cholesterol level is too high? First of all you need to check the cholesterol balance, since they’re various types of cholesterol. The ldl-cholesterol is dangerous, and that means you should try to keep the levels of this cholesterol down. Hdl-cholesterol on the other side, might actually decrease the risk of getting heart problems, so a high level of this cholesterol is good. A good balance where the ldl-cholesterol level is low, and the level of hdl-cholesterol is high, is what you should try to achieve.

If you’ve got a high ldl-cholesterol you need to do something about it. That doesn’t have to be difficult at all, you just need to do some lifestyle changes. Do you smoke today? Well, you should try to quit as quickly as possible, as smoking increases the risk of getting heart diseases, and it also helps to increase the cholesterol.

You should try to eat healthier food, with large amounts of vegetables and fruit. Try to vary the intake of fruits and vegetables, and eat vegetables of various colours to get all the nutrients you need. You should also try to eat fat fish, like salmon, on a regular basis, while you should avoid unnatural fats, which can be found in bacon and various sausages. You should also try to cut down on sugar.

Make sure to eat a healthy breakfast every morning, preferrably with oat meal porridge, honey and other natural products.

Start excercise regularly

So, you’ve changed your diet habits… That’s great! And you’ve stopped smoking, that’s even better! Now it’s time to look at your exercise habits. Do you exercise regularly? Otherwise it’s about time that you start doing it. Take a walk every morning for example. 30 minutes is enough to start with, and you can increase the length and time period as you get used to the activity level. Do you like tennis, soccer or other sports? Then you should try that as well. An increased activity level is great, and it will help you lower the cholesterol, which will give you a longer and healthier life.

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