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It’s still just May, but it will soon be June, July and August; three months when most people have their vacation, and it’s a busy time, filled with vacation plans. Have you decided what you’re going to do this summer? Otherwise it’s certainly time to book your flight now, or start making plans of things to do in the surroundings. You don’t have to travel abroad, you can have just as fun in your own surroundings whether you’re going to spend the vacation along with friends or with your kids and spouse. Travelling requires a quite large budget, and if you want to avoid economic issues it might be better to stay at home, or at least quite close to home. There are a few things you can keep in mind, in order to get the most fabulous vacation close to your home.


  • Stay close to the water – It doesn’t matter if it’s a swimming pool, a lake or the sea. Kids loves water, and they can usually spend an entire week at the beach without complaining. As long as you’re close to water, which is clean and good to play in, your kids will most likely appreciate their vacation. The same goes for you actually. It can be a great thing to have close access to water, especially when the temperatures are rising, and the summer is as warm as it can be.
  • Listen to your family members – Let everyone take part when it’s time to make plans. The kids might have good ideas of fun things to do close to home. Maybe they’ve heard friends talking about nice places or amusing museums. Don’t make all plans on your own, it will be a lot more fun for the entire family if everyone helps out with the planning part.
  • Consider a house exchange – You can exchange houses or apartments with some other family, just temporary of course, in order to go abroad, or somewhere within the country. Do you live in a big house in California, but would like to try staying in a cozy cottage in Spain? Or maybe the other way around? Well, there are several sites online where you can search among available places to live for a few weeks, and you can also place an ad yourself, where you present your own house and invite people to exchange home with you for a while. By doing this you’ll be able to discover the world without spending a fortune.
  • Leave your electronic gadgets at home! –  You’re probably online most of the time during the rest of the year, so you actually need some time off. You will get more quality time with your family if you leave the gadgets at home, or at least turned off, as you will be able to focus completely on the other members of the family.


This was just a short list with advice which might be helpful when planning your vacation. Do you have any other things to add? Feel free to do so!


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