Sauna and steam-baths – a healthy way to relax

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Sauna and steam-baths are very common in Scandinavia, especially in Finland where it’s more or less a part of the culture. It’s a leisure and a way to relax, but the fact is that sauna and steam-baths have many health benefits as well.


  • Do you need a way to get rid of stress? Then you should take a sauna bath. It’s a great type of stress relief since the heat makes your body relax while the release of endorphins gets stimulated. Thanks to this you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and happy after a short while in the sauna.
  • Would you like to reduce the tension in your muscles or relieve pain in joints? Then you should try spending some time in the sauna, as it will provide a natural type of pain relief. The blood circulation will increase when you take a sauna bath, and that will speed up the healing process in your body.
  • Would you like to get a healthier and cleaner skin? Then sauna baths is something for you! A visit in the sauna will make you sweat, and because of this will lead to a natural cleansing process where dead skin cells will be removed.
  • Are you trying to lose some weight? Steam-baths might help, as you might burn calories when sitting in the sauna. You shouldn’t spend time in the sauna instead of exercising, but some relaxation in the sauna after the daily workout is a great alternative.


Have you tried sauna and steam-baths already? Otherwise this might be something worth trying, if you need to relax while enjoying yourself. You can spend some time in the sauna alone if you want, but it can also be a nice time to spend with friends or family members, as you can relax while talking and having fun.

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