How to find the best running shoes

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Running and jogging becomes more and more popular, and many people decides to choose this type of exercise, as it can be performed almost anywhere, and it’s possible to do it whenever you have some time to spare. Another great benefit is the cost; you don’t need plenty of expensive equipment to start running, which is appreciated by most people. A membership at the gym costs quite much money, but in order to run you just need some clothes and a pair of shoes. Choosing a pair of running shoes can be trickier than you might think though, and therefore I’ve made a list, which can be good to check before you head off to buy yourself a pair of shoes.

Listen to your feet

You might think that it’s very easy to buy running shoes, and it can be, but all feet are different, and you need to consider that. Here’s a few things you should consider when you’re out shoe shopping.


  • The shape of your feet matters – This might sound strange if you’ve never purchased a pair of running shoes before, but all feet have different shapes, and you need to try several pairs and find a pair that feels really comfortable. A good way to learn more about the shape of your feet is to look at the foot print when you’ve taken a bath. Do you have high arched feet, normal arched feet or are you flat-footed? This affects your movement, and is therefore an important part of the issue when choosing shoes. You need to know if you pronate, over-pronate or supinate. The most comming running style is the pronation style, and many running shoes are made with this running style in mind, but if you’re over-pronating or supinating you might need another type of shoes, or you might get helped by insoles, as they might stabilize your feet while running.
  • Place to run – Where are you planning on running? Do you think you’ll run on the road, on asphalt, or will you run on trails in the nature in most cases? This actually makes a big difference as some shoes are made for road running and others are made for trail running. The road running shoes are very light, and they’re constructed to stabilize and cushion your feet when you run on a hard and quite even surface. The trail running shoes on the other hand offers more protection under the feet, and they have a more protective outsole.
  • Get the right size – It’s more important than ever to choose the right size when you’re buying running shoes. You need to feel comfortable while running, and therefore it’s important to go to a shoe shop, or a shop with sports equipment, where they have a big stock of shoes, where you’ll be able to find half-sizes as well if needed. You should look for the perfect fit.
  • Breathable shoes are good – If you’re planning on running, you’d probably like to run even if the weather conditions are a bit bad for the time being. Then it’s important to find a breathable and waterproof pair of shoes, as this protects your feet from getting wet, and allowing them to breath at the same time.
  • Ask for insoles – The insoles in shoes are usually generic and can be replaced. You should, if needed, make sure to get the perfect insoles for your feet, in order to get the perfect support and stabilization.


If you make sure to consider these things when searching for shoes, you’ll most likely find a perfect pair of running shoes. You’ll be able to enjoy your running tours, and you’ll soon be able to see the positive results.


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