Group training for active women

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Do you enjoy training but prefer to have company while working out? Then you should try group training at the local gym! There are plenty of classes to choose between, and the chance that you’ll find a class that suits your skills and preferences is quite big. I’ve listed a few of the most common training groups, and these can be found at almost every gym. There can be other classes available at your local gym as well, so this is just a short guide with a few tips if you’re interested in joining a group!


  • Bodypump – This is a great choice if you’d like to strenghten your entire body. Curls, lifts and presses are just a few of the things you’ll have to cope with here, and it’ll be real fun as well as challenging. You’ll of course be able to listen to some great music while working out!
  • Cycle/Spinning – This is a great workout for your legs, but you’ll also burn calories and increase your cardiovascular health by participating in this class. You’ll experience hill climbing and intervals as well as speed cycling without having to cope with bad weather conditions.
  • Yoga – Did you think yoga was just for relaxation? Well, it’s great for relaxation, but it’s also a great help if you want to improve your strenght and work on the body shape.
  • Step – Step is a fun class as it includes music and quite simple movements. You’ll burn plenty of calories when you participate in this class, and you’ll be able to sing along while working out real hard!
  • Zumba – Have you heard of zumba? This great dance/workout class will force you to discover the latino dancer who is hidden inside you. Move to the music and feel the calories burn while having enormously fun!
  • Bodycombat – Would you like to combine karate, tai chi, boxing and other discipline in a energetic training class which helps you relief stress while getting rid of anger and burning huge amounts of calories? Then you should try bodycombat.


Did you find anything you’d like to try? I bet you did, and the best thing is that you’ll probably be able to try the alternative of your choice this week, as most gyms arrange several classes each week.

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