Barefoot running – pros and cons

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Have plenty of people in your surroundings started running lately? Would you like to start as well? That’s great, but what kind of equipment do you need? Most people would probably recommend a great pair of running shoes, but more and more people recommends barefoot running. They introduce it as a more natural way of running, but what’s the truth?

No scientific proof

Some experts says it’s great to run without footwear as this is the most natural way to run, and other experts says it may be dangerous and cause more damage than necessary. There is no scientific proof to whether it’s beneficial or dangerous, so you need to study the subject and make up your mind, following your own believes.

It’s obvious that running shoes prevent injuries caused by stones, glass and other things, but it’s possible to buy specific footwear, produced to give a running experience as similar to barefoot running as possible. You can also start with short distances, and let your feet get used to the new way of running. There are runners who finishes one marathon after another, without wearing any footwear, so this shows it’s perfectly doable to run long distance without expensive running shoes.

Different landing style

Runners who choose to run with running shoes puts down their heels first, while barefoot runners lands on the middle of the foot, or on the ball of the foot. You also get a shorter step duration when running barefoot, and this can be a good way to reduce stress on legs and joints. By landing on your heels you get a longer step duration and a heavier and more painful impact on knees and legs, which means long term running with running shoes may lead to chronic injuries.

Another benefit with barefoot running is that you’re using less energy when running without footwear. You don’t use as much oxygen when you run barefoot, and this may depend on the fact that you use the muscle elasticity in a better way when you run without shoes.

The risk of ankle sprains is reduced when you run without shoes, and that’s obviously beneficial. You must however remember that running shoes comes with several benefits as well, such as the fact that they prevent your feet from overuse and bruises.

Whether to use running shoes or not is totally your own decision, but it can definitely be worth looking at, as there are obvious health benefits involved in both cases.

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