Lanzarote – a magic place for vacation

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I believe the summer is probably gorgeous whether you live in United States, Asia, Scandinavia or some other place, but even if it’s perfect you may want to travel somewhere, in order to see something new and explore new places. It can be quite tricky to choose just one place to visit, among all the beautiful and fascinating destinations around the world, so I decided to give you a little advice. Just a short text about a truly beautiful place, which I think everyone should try to visit at least once.

Lanzarote – the magic island

The Canary Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean, and they’re all very beautiful and popular among tourists. Gran Canaria may be the most well known among them, but it doesn’t have to be the obvious choice. The other islands have much to offer as well, and Lanzarote, which is the easternmost of the islands, is a true gem.

This island can be found just about 125 km from the African coast, and even though it belongs to Spain, it has a much more welcoming climate during the European winter. Lanzarote is great to visit even when it’s started to snow in the rest of Europe. You can easily travel there in November or even December, and still be able to enjoy the sun, work on your tan and swim in the beautiful sea.

Lanzarote isn’t very big, just 60 km from north to south, and even less, just 25 km from the west coast to the east coast. You can easily travel around in a rental car and explore the entire island if you wish. However, you may prefer to stay where you live, as there is a 213 km long coastline, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea. 10 km of the coast are sandy, and these beaches are worth a visit!

There are more than just beaches to see and explore on Lanzarote though. The mountains makes this island a really dramatic place, and the high peaks are just one part of the fascinating landscape. The lava fields and the volcanic underwater tunnel are other amazing parts of this island, and the El Jable desert also helps to make this island something more than just the ordinary tourist destination.

Things to see and visit

If you decide to head to Lanzarote to make the summer even longer, then you should take notes on things you can’t afford to miss. There are plenty of places to visit and things to see, so you should make sure to catch up on this before you travel.

The La Geria vineyards can definitely be worth a visit. These vineyards are actually part of the World Heritage, and the people at the vineyards have their own traditional cultivation methods, which can be very interesting.

El Golfo is another place you can’t miss. It’s actually a crater, a natural amphitheatre, a lagoon, which has been formed by volcanic eruptions several centuries ago. It’s not allowed to bath here, as it’s a Natural Reserve, but it’s a lovely place nonetheless.

Cueva de los Verdes is another amazing site. It’s a cave that was created approx. 3000 years ago by lava flows from the volcano Monte Corona. Parts of the cave can be explored by tourists, and this is a really stunning place to visit. A truly fascinating fact is that you can actually find a concert hall in the cave. It has room for 500 guests, which is totally amazing.

These are just a few of the places you should visit at Lanzarote, but it’s a start! Why don’t you perform some research, and maybe you’ll decide it’s the place where you want to spend your vacation. I can assure you it’s a lovely place, totally worth visiting.


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