Fun things to do with your infant

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It’s summer time, maybe the most thrilling and amazing time of the year, and if you recently gave birth to a little baby it’s an even more fantastic time of your life. It’s easy to think that you need to stay inside with your baby, and that activities are for moms with older kids only, but that’s not true. There are plenty of things you can do with a little baby, and I’ve decided to compile a list for you, so that you can enjoy the summer while spending great quality time with your precious son or daughter.

  • Play outdoors – Remember that an infant should not be placed in the sun, but you can very well place a blanket in the garden, in a suitable place in the shadow. Let him or her touch the grass, feel the fresh air and you can enjoy the beautiful weather at the same time. You’ll be a lot happier by being able to enjoy the summer outdoors, instead of staying inside all summer.
  • Go swimming – You should wait with this activity until your baby has achieved head control, and this usually takes place when the baby is approx. 6 months. Then you can bring him or her to the water and let him or her enjoy the water. Just make sure the water is warm enough, and remember to protect your baby from the sun. You should also remember that it will take time for him or her to get used to the water.
  • Visit the zoo – Is there a zoo nearby? Bring your infant to the zoo and enjoy a great day! Even if your precious one is still very young, it will still be a great experience and a perfect day for getting even closer to each other.
  • Take your infant for a nature walk – Put your little one in the stroller and take a walk in the nature. Listen to the birds sing, watch the butterflies, enjoy all the stunning colors and feel the grass under your feet. You’ll both have a fabulous day!


In some towns you’ll also be able to take part in specific mother/child activities, such as family training at the gym, where you can exercise with your infant on a blanket beside you, mother/baby movie time at the cinema, where all the visitors bring their loved ones in their strollers, etc. If you do some research you’ll notice that there are plenty of alternatives, and most of them will be real fun to both of you!

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