Weight loss and improved health with the 5:2 diet

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Have you heard about the 5:2 intermittent fasting? I’ve actually decided to try it myself, and I’ve started, so let’s see how it goes…. At least I really like the idea. I’m not found of strict diets where you have to give up all your favourite foods, but this one seems to be good for your health as well as quite easy to stick to.

What is the 5:2 fasting diet?

It’s actually quite simple. You eat as usual 5 days per week, and the other days you minimize your calorie intake. Men can eat up to a maximum of 600 calories on the remaining two days, while women can eat up to 500 calories. It’s your decision if you want to split the calories in several small meals, or if you prefer one main meal at breakfast, lunch or dinner. As long as you stick to the calorie limit it’s fine.

I personally prefer to split it in several smaller meals, as this helps me fight the hunger in a better way. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, you just need to get used to calorie counting, and it can be good to have a scale on which you can weigh everything you plan to eat, as it’s easier to calculate the calorie amount that way.

If you want to make the 5:2 diet even more effective you can add training to the program, and you can also cut down on calories on the remaining 5 days. Not to the same low level, but you can skip cookies, cakes, candy and snacks, and lose even more weight and improve your health.

Why intermittent fasting?

So, why try this diet you may wonder? Well, it’s actually good for your health in many ways. Yes, you can lose weight if you stick to the diet. Approx. 1 lb. per week is perfectly possible for women, and men can lose even more. There are more benefits than this though. You can lower your blood pressure and improve the cholesterol level.

Go for protein and fibre

As you need to remain as satisfied as possible during the day, to avoid breaking the diet, you should go for food that can provide enough protein and fibre. Fish and vegetables are good choices, and meat can be good as well. I love to combine some lean chicken breast with some delicious vegetables on my fast days, absolutely no french fries, rice, potatoes, etc.

Do you like coffee? Great! You can drink coffee just like usual, even on your fast days. Tea and water is ok as well. You can add a little light milk in your coffee or tea if needed, but make sure to avoid the sugar!

One thing is particularly important during the 5:2 diet. Don’t forget to drink water! You may experience some headache during your fast day, but this can often result from too low intake of water. Make sure to take a glass of water every now and then, it won’t result in any calories at all, I guarantee!

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