Costa Adeje – a place to relax in the sun

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To see the autumn arrive can seem cosy to some people, but many people find it quite depressing. The days get shorter, colder and darker, and it’s not at all that tempting to spend the days outdoors any more. A sun boost can be needed in the middle of the dark season, and that’s why you should consider planning a fall vacation. You don’t have to wait until next year before you take some time off again. Why don’t you start planning for a holiday in the sun in October or November? The perfect place for you may be Costa Adeje in Tenerife.

Fabulous hotels and amazing beaches

What do you need in order to enjoy the perfect vacation? It’s actually quite easy. You need a nice place to stay, sun, and wonderful beaches. You can get all that in Costa Adeje, and this is a place where you can find quite amazing world-class hotels, such as Sheraton La Caleta.

The beaches are fantastic with good amenities. You can try windsurfing or sailing if you want, but you can also relax on the beach, or go for a swim if you prefer to take it easy during your time on the island. If you want to visit a beautiful beach with great amenities you should try Playa del Duque, which can be considered to be one of the best beaches in Tenerife.

Other activities

Would you like to do something more than just relax on the beach and work on your tan during the holiday? Then you could play golf in Costa Adeje if that’s something you enjoy. You can also bring the whole family to Aqualand where you can attend the fabulous dolphin show or experience true adventures in the super fast attractions.

Siam Park is also worth a visit if you’re travelling with kids. They will love this water kingdom, and so will you! It’s easy to spend an entire day at this place.

Do you enjoy shopping? Then you’ll like Costa Adeje for sure! You will find a great shopping centre close to Playa del Duque, so you can start the day with some shopping, before you relax in the sun. It does sound relaxing and fun, don’t you think?


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