Longer and thicker eyelashes for real

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Beauty; such a fascinating topic, don’t you think? I sure think so, and I think it’s fascinating how we can improve our looks with help from products and simple skincare and makeup procedures. Some products may even help us look like different persons, and that’s truly amazing!

Thicker eyelashes

I don’t know what you think, but I personally consider the eyes to be a very important part, maybe even the most important part of the body, and I find it important to make the most of the eyes, to truly highlight them. Mascara is great, and it can do wonders, but I’ve found a great product that can do even more. It can actually make the eyelashes longer and thicker, not just make it look longer and thicker. Cool, right? I’m all thrilled about it!

So, what is the name of this miracle product? It’s called Xlash, and it’s an eyelash serum. It’s been dermatologically tested (of course), and it’s safe to use, which is great! The serum makes the lashes grow with as much as 30-40%, and you will see the results coming after just a few weeks (probably approx. 4 weeks). It’s used night time, so it won’t disturb you at work or in school, which is terrific.

Healthier lashes

The formula makes the eyelashes longer and thicker, but it’s also supposed to make them healthier. The serum contains several active ingredients with nice benefits. Coral extract is included in the formula, which stimulates skin renewal, and it also provides important minerals. Nigella Sativa is another ingredient, which has been used for treatment of skin conditions for ages. There are also several other ingredients, and some of them are rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

Eye makeup is great as it helps improve your look quickly, but this is a solution that may help you cut down on your eye makeup, which can be nice as well. Sometimes it’s nice to be a natural beauty, and that’s exactly what you can be when you’re using this product.


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