5 types of indoor training

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October is here, and it won’t take long before we can write November in our diaries as well. The fall is here, and the winter will soon take over, no doubt about it. Even if you try to be positive about the weather, it can be difficult to see a running tour as a pleasure if it’s about freezing point with rain mixed with snow outside. Honestly, it can be really good to find a few types of indoor training to try instead during these rainy and grey autumn days. Agree? Then you should read this list. I will give you 5 great ideas to try, and I’m sure at least one of those will turn out to be a great type of training for you.

  • Spinning – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This is a great way to exercise as you get a chance to improve your cardiovascular health while strenghtening your muscles and having fun. You can do spinning at home if you have a spinning cycle, but you can also attend a class at the gym every now and then, if you prefer to have company when you work out.
  • Yoga – Want to relax while exercising? Try yoga! It’s also a great kind of exercising if you want to work out without putting too much pressure on the joints.
  • Boxercise – This is a very effective and fun type of training where you get to have real fun while working out real hard. You can bring a friend or go alone. You will surely find someone to train with. Boxercise is great for your cardiovascular health, but you will also be able to strenghten your muscles and probably improve your speed as well.
  • Aerobics – This is a true, old classic but it stays strong. This is a great way to move and have fun to the music, and if you like to dance, you’ll love aerobics! You will be able to find some kind of aerobics class in every gym, even though it can have different names from one place to another. Join in and have fun while burning plenty of calories!
  • Core – Core training is a great way to exercise if you want to strengthen the ab muscles and the muscles in your back. You will improve your strenght with core training, but you will also get a more flexible body.


Did you find anything interesting? I think they’re all fun, and aerobics is my personal favourite, but you need to try them out and see what you like the most. Want another advice? Try zumba if you haven’t done it already! It’s so much fun, and you get to listen to plenty of great songs while training!

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