Lose weight with these 10 superfoods

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Ok, so summer is over and it may feel tempting to give up every thoughts on weight loss, as it will take months before you have to turn up in bathing suit again, but hey! This is actually the perfect time to start if you want to be slim and fit for summer 2014. You will need to introduce some exercising on your schedule obviously, but it will be a lot easier to get in good shape if you take help from some superfoods.

So, what can these superfoods do? Well, they can help you build stronger bones, prevent various diseases, help you keep focus on whatever you’re doing, and last but not least, they may help you lose weight quite quickly!

I’ve listed 10 superfoods for you to try. Some of them may already be possible to find in your kitchen, while some of them may be totally new to you. Have a look, and make sure to write these superfoods down, so that you can get them next time you go shopping!


  • Black beans – Contains plenty of protein, which helps you feel full. It will also help giving you an energy boost. The great thing with black beans is that they doesn’t contain any saturated fat, which is great if you want to lose weight.
  • Oats – You probably have this at home already, right? Then it’s great news that oats contain plenty of fibers, which makes you feel full and satisfied without over-eating.
  • Avocado – Yes, this fruit does contain fat, but it’s healthy fat and it’s actually good for your body as well as for your brain. A quarter of a fruit is enough to get some hunger relief, and plenty of health benefits at the same time.
  • Blueberries – These berries are delicious, but they are something more than that, they’re also very healthy. They have anti-aging properties and they will help you feel full as they contain fibers.
  • Pears – You should try to eat a pear every day, as it’s filled with healthy fibers. Leave the skin on though, as that’s where you can find most nutrients.
  • Grapefruit – This fruit is a great protein source, and it’s no news that protein is a great help for successful weight loss. You can actually lose a pound per week, just by eating a half grapefruit before every single meal. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Almonds – Want something tasty to eat on a Friday night, instead of candy? Try almonds! They are tasty and they will help you lose weight quicker as they’re filled with healthy fats.
  • Green tea – You will need to drink several cups each day to experience the weight loss benefits from green tea, but it may help! It helps you burn fat more quickly, and it also has other beneficial effects on your general health.
  • Quinoa – Rich in protein, quionoa will help you feel full much longer. That way you won’t risk over-eating, which means you can decrease the calorie intake.
  • Apples – These fruits are great snacks to bring on the go, as they are low in calories. They may also help you maintain a healthy metabolism, which is vital during a weight loss process.


With help from these 10 superfoods you will be able to lose weight and get slim for beach season next year. These are very affordable foods and they are definitely worth trying. Give it a go, this may be the road to a healthy life filled with beauty and self esteem!

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