How to keep the mood up during winter

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Winter is here, but many places around the world still await the snow. It’s been a long autumn and lots of people have a hard time to cope with this, as autumn can be quite dark. Most people think it gets easier when the snow comes as it brightens up the landscape a bit, but we can’t affect the weather and we all need to find ways to deal with it and do our best to keep the mood up during winter.

So, what can you do when you feel a bit tired and down during the dark seasons? There are lots of things to do and these are just a few of them. Try them all, or maybe just a few of them. It’s all up to you!


  1. Make sure to get your vitamins – You need vitamins in the summer as well, but you need it even more in the winter when you don’t get the same amount of sun light. Include citrus fruits and exotic fruits as well as varied food in your diet on a daily basis.
  2. Hang out with friends – It’s common to feel tired during this season but you should try to make time for your friends anyway. Invite them for a cup of coffee after work, go out for a drink on Friday night, go Christmas shopping together or go to the cinemas. Moments like this provides you with so much energy.
  3. Find a hobby – The time will fly if you find something fun to do. So you need to figure something out. It can be yoga, knitting, participating in a book circle, swimming, horse riding, wine tasting or something completely different. The important thing isn’t what you do, it’s that you enjoy doing it.
  4. Go all in for Christmas – December can be a dark and stressful month, but you can make it something different. Focus 100% on Christmas this year and you will be surprised how fast the days passes. Make your own decorations, make an effort to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone you know and make lots of home made candy.
  5. Sleep – You’re not supposed to sleep 24 hours per day, but the fact is you may need some more sleep in the winter than you normally need since the days are so short. Allow yourself to sleep 8 hours if possible, and try to find at least one day per week when you can sleep until you wake up without having to set the alarm.

Did you find any helpful advice? Would you like to share some of your own? It’d be truly appreciated, so please go right ahead!

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