Three ways to maintain healthy feet

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If I ask you what part of the body you put most pressure on, what would you say? I’m quite sure the answer is your feet and I think it’s of big importance that you take good care of them since they are supposed to walk many miles with you during a lifetime. It’s easy to forget that the feet needs proper care but it’s none the less very important and I’ve put together a list for you with some things to have in mind.

Invest in quality shoes

Do you enjoy shopping? I’m sure you do. I can tell from my own experience that it can be more fun to shop other things than shoes though. A new pair of jeans or a new dress for the dinner party next week, there are so many things to buy and good shoes can seem to be very expensive and honestly a quite boring investment. However, it’s very important to find some really nice shoes to wear, and when I say nice, I mean comfortable. Make sure to visit a proper store where they sell quality shoes and ask for help from a pro. Take your time when you’re trying various pairs and ask for advice. Choose a pair that gives stability and support to the feet. This is even more important if you like jogging and power walking. A good advice is to buy two similar pairs of shoes when you find a pair that you like a lot.

Get a pedicure every now and then

This can seem expensive and unnecessary but it’s actually worth every penny. Your feet will look nice after a pedicure and you will, without doubt, feel more relaxed after an hour of pedicure treatment. A foot massage and some color on the toe nails are definitely an underestimated treatment. Your hard working feet are worth a pedicure on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to let the feet rest

I’ve already mentioned that your feet will walk many miles with you but try to give them a rest every now and then. It’s easy to get damages if you forget to let the feet rest from time to time. It can be really nice to lay down on the couch for an hour when you get home from work. You should try it soon, your body will appreciate it and especially your feet!



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