4 effective ways to start running today

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The spring is here and in just a few months the beach season will be here as well. It’s about time to start training in order to become fit for the bikini season. As I’ve mentioned before there are plenty of great ways to exercise but one of my personal favourites is running, and especially trailrunning. It’s healthy, you don’t need any equipment (besides a pair of running shoes) and it doesn’t cost anything. It can also be very relaxing to turn on the iPod, head to the woods and spend the next 45 minutes trailrunning. I know from experience that it can be difficult to get started though, running is a tough way of exercising in the beginning and here are my best tips to help you get started.

  • Bring a friend – This is an option for those of you who prefer to have company when you exercise. I know it can be very relaxing to run on your own as well, so this is a question of preference. The good thing with bringing a friend is that it’s a lot more difficult to say no and cancel the training session if you’ve already promised someone to go.
  • Make it a habit – You’re more likely to give up if you only run once every other week or so. Make sure to make it a habit and don’t break that habit! Run two or three times every week, it doesn’t have to be long and quick running tours, but it has to be something. You can fill in with power walks, swimming, cycling or other training the rest of the week if you want more training than that.
  • Let your body get used to the new training level – It’s easy to be a bit too enthusiastic in the beginning. It’s great that you have started running but your body needs a chance to get used to the new training level. Don’t work too hard before your muscles are ready. Start with short running sessions: run 5 minutes, walk quickly 3 minutes, run 5 minutes, walk quickly 3 minutes and end with 5 minutes of running. This is a good way to start and a good schedule to stick to during the first couple of weeks. You’ll notice that the running sessions will become easier as your body gets used to it and you can make the running sessions longer when the body is ready.
  • Set a goal – Goals are great! Set a goal for your running training. It can be to join a running contest within a few months, to be able to run a certain distance at a certain date or to keep up with a more experienced friend on the running track within 3 months. The important thing is that you have something to look forward to and fight for.

This is the perfect time to start and I really look forward to hear all about your progress. Good Luck!

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