Costa Adeje – a place to relax in the sun

Aug 28, 2013 No Comments

To see the autumn arrive can seem cosy to some people, but many people find it quite depressing. The days get shorter, colder and darker, and it’s not at all that tempting to spend the days outdoors any more. A sun boost can be needed in the middle of the dark season, and that’s why […]

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How to make your own facial mask and body scrub

Aug 26, 2013 No Comments

The autumn will soon take over, and the colder temperatures and the autumn winds will be quite a challenge for your skin. Many people experience a more dry and sensitive skin during autumn and winter seasons, and it’s very important that you take good care of your skin to keep it smooth and hydrated during […]

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Delicious 5:2 recipes to try

Aug 24, 2013 No Comments

Since I wrote about the 5:2 intermittent fast diet the other day I thought it would be useful for you to have a few recipes to start with, in case you want to start off right away with one of the fast days. As I mentioned in my previous post you don’t have to fast […]

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Weight loss and improved health with the 5:2 diet

Aug 22, 2013 No Comments

Have you heard about the 5:2 intermittent fasting? I’ve actually decided to try it myself, and I’ve started, so let’s see how it goes…. At least I really like the idea. I’m not found of strict diets where you have to give up all your favourite foods, but this one seems to be good for […]

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Lose weight with help from protein

Aug 19, 2013 No Comments

The summer break is over, at least for most of us, and that means we have time to plan our new weight loss program, and time to start working on a new workout schedule after weeks, maybe even months, of barbecues, wining and dining, lemonades, soft drinks, ice creams, and all that comes with the […]

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Keep your weight with citrus fruits

Aug 16, 2013 No Comments

Would you like to find something healthy to include in your diet? Something healthy, yet delicious? Then you should look closer at citrus fruits, as they are really good for your general health. There are various fruits to choose from, such as oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes and pomelos, as well as tangerines. Are you suffering […]

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Improve your health with spinach smoothies

Aug 13, 2013 No Comments

We’d all love to stay healthy and strong, right? In order to achieve optimal health we need to pay attention to our food habits, and it’s important that we include healthy foods in our diet. It’s a well known fact that spinach is among the healthiest things you can eat, and it holds plenty of […]

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How to get smooth skin – video tutorial

Aug 07, 2013 No Comments

How does your facial skin cope with the warmth and the sun? Is it more dry than usual? Whether you’re experiencing problems with your skin, or if you just want to get smoother skin, it can be good to treat yourself with a facial mask every now and then, and what could be better than […]

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White rice or brown rice – make the right choice

Aug 04, 2013 No Comments

The summer is still warm and sunny, but within a month or so we’ll see the autumn take over, and many people consider this to be the perfect time for a lifestyle change. They consider it easier to live a healthy life when the summer is over, but it can be a good thing to […]

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Fun things to do with your infant

Jul 29, 2013 No Comments

It’s summer time, maybe the most thrilling and amazing time of the year, and if you recently gave birth to a little baby it’s an even more fantastic time of your life. It’s easy to think that you need to stay inside with your baby, and that activities are for moms with older kids only, […]

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